You Can Get (Almost) Anywhere From Here

New York’s Capital Region emanates from the capital of Albany and spans over four main counties, plus another half dozen outer counties, depending on who is defining its boundaries.

The capital city (and by extension, the region) was ranked the best place to live in New York State, based on the job market and quality of life, by U.S. News and World Report, in its 2021-2022 ranking.

The region covers tremendous geographic diversity. Its cities showcase historically important architecture that attracts film and TV producers and is well-known as an international center for modern, nano-tech ingenuity. Travel an hour north or south, and you are surrounded by the unparalleled natural beauty of the Adirondack or Catskill mountains. The area is home to world-class medical facilities and educational institutions, and also abounds in all manner of recreational opportunities — artistic and cultural events as well as a wide range of outdoor activities, from paddling down a river to watching world-renowned Thoroughbred horse racing on a historic track.

It’s also at a crossroads to other places, when you feel the need to get out — a few hours north of New York City, west of Boston, or south of Montreal. And its international airport can be a jumping point to just about anywhere.

It’s a great place to live. We provide the links (right) for your convenience (but of course cannot take responsibility for the information on their sites).