This has been a brutal winter for everyone in the Capital District except the ski resorts which have benefitted greatly. For those who are not enthusiasts of winter sports, staying indoors has become the way of the winter of incredible snow and cold. BUT, if you are thinking of purchasing a home this might be the best time for you to look.

While everyone else is trying to stay warm and most buyers feel they can wait until the weather is more welcoming, and sellers still have to put their homes on the market due to job changes or life changes, this might be the ideal time to look for a new home.

Even if you don’t wish to purchase immediately, this is a good time to educate yourself by going through Open Houses and seeing homes that you feel are in your “target range.” Begin looking from $25,000 under your ideal price to $10-15,000 above that number. You will have the opportunity to see what your dollars can purchase. Maybe you can paint and change some carpet and save a bundle of money.

Perhaps by noting where your current home fits into this index, you will choose to make some minor changes that could result in a higher selling price. If all the planets align, you might just find a wonderful home that has been on the market for a while or an owner who is looking for a fast closing, and this might benefit you and the seller simply because of the weather. The seller is happy that a perspective purchaser is looking; you are happy that you are finding homes while others are waiting for a break in the weather.

The better the weather gets the more buyers will be out looking, and the competition gets greater. Remember, timing is everything.