For someone who’s never done it, home selling can be frustrating.

So how can you best sell a house? Use a good professional Realtor. If you don’t know anyone you might interview a few agents, or get suggestions from friends who have had successful transactions with someone they are happy to recommend.

For many homeowners the sheer paperwork can be daunting when they have to understand all the legal requirements, regarding things such as Disclosures.  You must know that getting the legal things done correctly is the first step in a successful home selling process, so using a licensed professional realtor on this is a good beginning. Real estate professionals can help owners understand  documents, and decipher the many different disclosures and contract language and requirements; a seasoned professional will help you navigate the paperwork.

If you want to improve the home selling process, there are some independent steps you can take. Work with your Realtor agent and help spread the news that you’re selling your home in the neighborhood.  Most important, provide your agent with complete information about your house, including if possible, photos of your home in different seasons that will help a prospective purchaser see how beautiful your property might be with the pool open, or the gardens in bloom or the trees in full color.

Whether you’ve “had it” with trying to sell by owner or you’ve chosen an agent right away to help you market and sell your own home, keep in mind that it’s always easier to sell when using a professional.  Homes are such large investments – you maximize your return by maximizing your exposure through a real estate professional.